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Our search for top notch candidates (C-level) extends to the rest of the world. We are proficient in doing cross-cultural search for placement in various sectors.

Our Specialist Recruitment service focuses on hiring distinct and highly specific position requirements. It covers entry level to supervisory and team lead positions.

This is an end-to-end process that gives an exceptional value to clients. We handle recruitment every step of the way from the funneling stage of Sourcing, Testing, Interview, and Pre-Selection to the Pre-Employment Process of Requirements Preparation, Medical Test Fulfillment and Deployment.

What We Do

What Our Candidates Say

ariel rivera.jpg

VITO Search already knows the right job and company for me when they contacted me. Recruitment process went smoothly and fast.

Ariel S. Sanchez

Plant Engineering & Security Director


VITO Search was very persistent in contacting my employer to get their decision on my application. VITO Search respects my time and wants me to be informed always and at the soonest time possible, so as not to keep me waiting and expecting. Other recruitment firms won't even bother to update you.

Christiaan Claire S. Orlina

Communications Manager

Richard Rasco.jpeg

I am very thankful to VITO Search, they really found the best work place to grow my professional career. The Recruiters are extremely attentive and very diligent in giving you updates.


Richard M. Rasco

Supply Chain Division Head