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Get to Know Us

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One Stop Shop
Transport and Logistics Solutions Partner.

About Us

Our team is composed of people with decades of working background in transport and logistics management. With our collective ideas, we formed VITO Transport to introduce opportunities for our Partner Drivers / Operators and offer solutions to clients as they face various challenges in moving goods, services and people.


What We Can Offer

Our value proposition to clients is simple. We aim not just to be called a vendor but a partner working hand in hand with you as you solve complex transport and logistics challenges. We believe that in order for us to become successful, we need to ensure the success of our partners first.


Our Service Guarantee

We make sure that our Partner Drivers / Operators undergo extensive screening and orientation to determine their fit and capabilities. Further, vehicles are carefully inspected by our team to make sure that they pass a road worthiness test, papers, including registration and compliance requirements are met, Driver’s license and most importantly, the vehicles’ insurance coverage and validity.

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